WebStock™ Editor

WebStock is the repository and management system of the web site information after synchronization with your backend system. It includes SKU and associated information and how it displays on the web site. WebStock gives you the freedom to update your web site data for immediate deployment to the site. WebStock includes fields from the backend system as well as unique fields for increased functionality on the site, such as the sort order and other functionality. Some of the functions and fields in WebStock include:

  • Short and long descriptions
  • Categories and subcategories, and the associated text
  • Assign release dates for automatic releasing onto the site in the future
  • Assign mix-match codes for group pricing discounts
  • Select web form types (number and types of forms on the product detail pages, such as dropdown menus, quantity boxes, etc.)
  • Assign cross-sell/up-sell items
  • Assign keywords
  • Assign prices
  • Sorting options
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