The ORStore is a feature-rich, robust web store that provides you with flexibility and scalability. A few of the wide array of features are listed below as an overview, but do not encompass every facet of the powerful web store.

  • All web store pages are easily customized with common HTML packages, such as Microsoft FrontPage™.
  • The CID (credit card security code) may be included in the checkout process, and may be optional or required for the user.
  • Multiple descriptions throughout the web store may be used, including title descriptions and short and long descriptions of the products, etc. Categories and subcategories within the search pages may also have titles and descriptions if desired.
  • Products may be categorized down to four levels, and may be displayed in the web store using a variety of criteria, such as by SKU, association codes, product keywords, etc.
  • Powerful search functionality includes multiple keyword searching (i.e., searching using all words that the user enters to yield the most specific results), searching by SKU or partial SKU, keyword, product/brand/model, etc.
  • Sorting of items within search results allows for placement of special products toward the top, such as the high or low sellers, specials, etc. to allow for a variety of marketing strategies.
  • Product detail pages include a number of standard items, each of which are optional in order to provide the greatest flexibility. These include short and long product descriptions, photo/image, pricing, web forms, cross-sell/up-sell items, etc.
  • Standard and custom web forms on the product detail page allow for multiple selection criteria, such as single or multiple drop-down boxes, grids with quantity boxes, etc.
  • Up to three cross-sell/up-sell items may be included, which can link to individual items or groups of items (searches).
  • Mix-match codes provide for combining quantities on any group of products to obtain pricing discounts.
  • Pricing may also be based on customer type or number, item quantity, source of order, etc.
  • Powerful business rules integration—many of which may be changed by site administrators at will—allow for customizing the web store to match the business. A few of these items include shipping charges by virtually any criteria, multiple credit cards and/or COD, sales tax calculation, multiple shipping methods integration, email confirmation sent to customer, etc.
  • Intuitive checkout features in the cart include photos, product descriptions, ability to alter quantities or clear items, specific totals for shipping, taxes, etc.
  • SSL encryption can be included on any page.
  • Email order confirmation is available.
  • Online customer record signup allows repeat customers to maintain billing and shipping information.
  • Lost passwords may be automatically emailed to customers from the system at their request.
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