ORCDP™ (Coupons/Discounts/Promotions)

ORCDP is an easy to use coupon/discount/promotion system with high levels of flexibility. ORCDP synergistically combines with AdSys™ to give you the power to trigger coupons and discounts from source codes, thus allowing discounts from banners ads, links from emails, etc. ORCDP allows you to take a storewide percent discount off the total of the customer's cart and/or a percent discount on their shipping charges. Multiple trigger options may be combined to facilitate marketing efforts, such as a minimum number of items in the cart and/or a minimum order total, etc. Coupons may be easily set by the administrator to begin and end on a particular day, to allow a set number of coupons before ending, etc. Multiple coupons/discounts/promotions may also run concurrently.

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