ORCSR™ (Customer Service Module)

ORCSR gives you the power to interface with the web site data on screens customized for Customer Service Reps. Since the system is web-based, this allows you to place CSRs at any location and gives you the capability of having many users access the same system at one time. Special CSR-only features include expanded search functions for product lookup, such as by last name, ZIP code, email address, etc. CSRs may additionally be given override capability, such as altering shipping charges, pricing, etc. The system is flexible and allows for a number of different online inventory management can be decremented when CSR places an item into an order.

  • Specialized sites for CSR use that integrate with the same database as the web store (thus decrementing the same inventory, etc.), potentially saving you money by eliminating additional integration with your back end system.
  • Allows placement of CSRs at any location, including home or remote offices, giving you the flexibility to use CSRs on a seasonal or after-hours basis.
  • IP address restriction provides additional security.
  • Gives CSRs additional functionality, such as order look up, price override, etc.
  • Pricing based on number of CSRs for maximum flexibility.
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